October 27-2015: 6 P.M.– Hazeltine Library– Busti, NY– Reading and Signing

October 22, 29, November 5, 12: 6 P.M.– Sinclairville Free Library– Sinclairville, NY– Writing workshop

November 2, 2015– Sinclairville Free Library Young Adult Book club 6pm

Jan 7, 2016: 6 P.M.– Stocton Library– Reading and Signing

Jan 16, 2016: 12 P.M.– Brocton Library– Reading and Signing

Jan 25, 2016: 6 P.M.– Cassadaga Library– Reading and Signing



Today has been a frustrating day. My hubs was having computer issues, so he had to steal my laptop in order to work. This meant the thousand things I needed to finish on my own to-do list weren’t going to happen. For a while, I cleaned my  house till I finally... read more

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